Canada's True Connoisseur Cultivator

Our Story

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Our Values

STREET: we honour the pioneers before us. Without them, the landrace strains would be extinct and new hybrids would not exist. We follow in their footsteps, to maintain the art of cultivation. We do it with the same passion and devotion to quality.

SCIENCE: we are forward-thinkers, inspired by science, technology and data. We continuously improve our processes by hypothesizing, gathering data, and applying our knowledge. It helps us cultivate consistently and safely to meet the strict cannabis regulations.

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QUALITY: nothing matters if we don’t have the highest quality. We are connoisseurs, not mass producers. We select the best genetics and we pheno-hunt. There are no shortcuts, we take the time to hang-dry, hand-trim and slow cure our cannabis. Our expectations are high because we demand top quality for our customers and ourselves.

HUMILITY: we come from humble beginnings. We worked hard to become experts. With every new challenge we find a better way, we push the boundaries and we don’t give up. We learn from each other and reciprocally we share our passion for learning with other growers, our consumers and our community.

COMMUNITY: our plants and our people call Calgary home. We are proud to be local and we share the entrepreneurial spirit of Alberta. We believe in the craft movement, an appreciation of how things are carefully made. We support and embrace our diverse community.

Our Facility

OGEN is a licensed producer, located in Calgary, Alberta. Our pristine, laboratory-grade facility is one of the best in Canada. Our flower rooms are small, with only one strain growing in each room. This small-batch approach ensures our attention is deadly focused and the environment is tailored to the specific strain. The result, the highest quality dried flower.